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29 July 2013 at 15:31

1. I am not enjoying it.

2. The Degree I am doing is starting off with a background level of knowledge far higher than my own. I will fall behind too quickly and not be able to keep up.

3. Working, baby, Uni. Too many things for me to manage. Other people have managed it in the past. I cannot however manage so many things at once. I need a handful of obtainable goals. Too many diverse things.

4. Not enough structure.

5. I have never managed to write an essay in my life, and I don’t think I am going to manage to start now. These things don’t become easier with practice.

6. I do not think it will lead to future employment, and is simply putting off going back to the unemployment agency for an additional three years.

7. More debt.

8. I had forgotten how much I dislike working in/ at a University environment and how uncomfortable I found it trying to work there. Like trying to make a sandwich in a blender. Messy.

9. Time. I do not think I can dedicate enough time to something I strongly dislike, and will thus be continually unorganised.

10. The people.

11. The expensive of text books, jackets, glasses, trips etc.

What is the alternative? I don’t know.

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